The Photography of Charles Warren Eaton, ca. 1900 to 1925

Priscilla Douglas Polkinghorn Collection, Historical Society of Bloomfield, New Jersey,
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  • Best of Eaton
    Best of EatonSelection of some of the best of Eaton's historical photos
    • Best of all
      Best of allSome of Eaton's best photographs as an overture to the complete site
    • Best of Bruges, Damme, Sluis
      Best of Bruges, Damme, SluisSelection of the best of Eaton's historical photos of Bruges, Dame and Sluis
    • Best of Germany
      Best of GermanySelection of the best of Eaton's historical photos of Frankfort, Heidelberg and Nuremberg, Germany
    • Best of Venice
      Best of VeniceSelection of the best of Eaton's historical photos of Venice, Italy
    • Best Colorized
      Best ColorizedSelection of the best of Eaton's historical photos digitally colorized Most of the colorization was done at
    • Best Close-ups
      Best Close-upsSome of the amazing things you can see with the ability to zoom in and colorize digitized negatives
    • Photo-Painting Pairings
      Photo-Painting PairingsEaton often used photos as models for his paintings. These are sets of historical photos that were likely used as models for the corresponding painting.
  • Belgium
    Belgium / BelgiëHistorical photographs of Belgium / België
    • Bruges
      BrugesHistorical photographs of Bruges / Brugge
    • Damme
      DammeHistorical photographs of Damme, Belgium
    • Damme Canal, Bruges-Damme Environs
      Damme CanalHistorical photographs of the Damme Canal from Bruges to Damme
    • Dinant
      DinantHistorical photographs of Dinant, Belgium
    • Antwerp, Brussels, Courtrai, Furnes, Ghent, Mechelen, Ypres
      Antwerp, Brussels, Courtrai,…Historical photographs of Couirtrai / Kortrijk, Furnes / Vuerne, Ghent / Gent / Gand, Mechelen / Mechlin, Ypres / Ieper
    • Lissewege
      LissewegeHistorical photographs of Lissewege
    • Knokke-Heist
      Knokke-HeistHistorical photographs of Knokke-Heist
  • England
    EnglandHistorical photographs of England
  • France
    FranceHistorical photographs of France
  • Germany
    GermanyHistorical photographs of Germany
    • Frankfort
      FrankfortHistorical photographs of Frankfort / Frankfurt
    • Heidelberg
      HeidelbergHistorical photographs of Heidelberg
    • Nuremberg
      NurembergHistorical photographs of Nuremberg / Nürnberg
    • Rhine Gorge
      Rhine GorgeHistorical photographs of the Rhine Gorge / Rheinschlucht
  • Italy
    ItalyHistorical photographs of Italy
  • Netherlands
    NetherlandsHistorical photographs of the Netherlands
  • Switzerland-Italy, Lake Lucern, Lake Lugano
    Switzerland-Italy, Lake Lucern,…Historical photographs of from the lake region near the Switzerland-Italy border.
    • Switzerland
      SwitzerlandHistorical photographs of Switzerland
    • Lake Lucerne
      Lake LucerneHistorical photographs of Lake Lucerne
    • Lake Lugano
      Lake LuganoHistorical photographs of Lake Lugano
    • Lake Region
      Lake RegionHistorical photographs of the lakes near the Switzerland-Italian border
  • US
    Colebrook, ConnecticutHistorical photographs of Colebrook, Connecticut
  • Unidentified
    UnidentifiedHistorical photographs where the location is unidentified. If you recognize any of these locations, use the Send Comments button under a specific photo to send…
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